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Song of the day – Say it Flume ft Tove Lo


Say It by Australian music producer and DJ Flume haunts me every time I listen to it, ending up having it on repeat for as long as my high off the beat and lyrics lasts.

The lyrics and voice of Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo (one of my favorite artists nowadays – this will be another post), complement the haunting effect Flume has created in the beats and melody of the song.

What we have here is a song about lovers trying to let go, breaking up, and yet the love, the passion and the sex keeps on bringing them back together for one last passionate lovemaking blurring pleasure and pain.

Perhaps it is Tove Lo’s voice singing the following verse that gets me every time. Her stress on the actions that drive this lover crazy reflects those intense secret moments:

break my bed, don’t make me want to stay, I can’t

bite me babe, you make me love the pain 

There is this immense tug of wanting and knowing a relationship when work and each needs to move on, but once you two lay your eyes on each other, all common sense evaporates into that moment of touch, breath and movement.

I think that why the song haunts me. The melody captures just that, the light of touch, the intensity of breath and all gentle and not so gentle movement.

The second verse of the song also always gets to me.

I’m getting the door, silent walk
Whose the first to speak?
Speak it like a real freak
Voice in my head, in my bed
Filled with you instead, hmm
Taking your time, work my mind and I play with you
I play pretend it’s so true
Follow me down, listen ’round to the deep dark sound, hmm

I think we have all been there, wanting to stay and leave, still consumed with the person we are in love with stuck in our heads. This verse makes me feel Tove Lo and flume capture the essence of playing pretend in a  moment to give it its truest and purest form of sublime love, the dark and aching love that haunts you and makes you feel like a freak. A freak you’re comfortable being.

This song will still be on repeat for my day today 🙂

*video from Flume official Youtube Channel .

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