Nada Serhan


Wanting (2020) is an award winning short psychological thriller.

Lonely and at all, a couple still in love struggle with the decision of moving on.

Behind the scenes on production 1 -2 February 2020

Actor Edward Lin in the role of Marlin and Director/Writer Nada Serhan in the role of Anna
crew and actors
Art Director Evrim Amir-Seyers & Production Manager/Continuity Fareed Kairon
First AD Serena Laham, D.O.P Sierra Kinsora and First AC Amir Ahmad Hajianfard
Director of Photography Sierra Kinsora and Production Manager/continuity Fareed Kairon


Dramatica Film Festival 3rd edition 2022 Best Love Film and Best Actress

Forum Film Festival 2nd edition  2022- Best Psycho

 Love Film Festival 2022 – Best Horror , Public Choice

Forum Festival 2021 – Special Mention

 Europa Film Festival 2021 – Best Thriller 

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