Nada Serhan

My Wasteland

Newsletter Issue #1

My Wasteland is a short animation about Nada, a Palestinian refugee, who finds herself catapulted from Paris into the inside of a country’s borders that she’s never been to. With a lost sense of time and space, she lives out her worst nightmare.

My Nightmare

My Wasteland is a short 2D animation that has received a scholarship from SACD France in 2020 and was one of the chosen projects to receive the Pause Programme by College de France in 2021 where I completed the pre-production phase while in residency at the école de beaux art in Bretagne Lorient till May 2022.

Conceived from a vivid nightmare I had in summer 2018, I wrote it as a short story first. From that point on, I adapted it into a script and have been working with new production company and new artist collective Premier Cri (based in Paris).


Production Phase: Securing Funding

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