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Song of the day; everyday :) – Sky Full of Song

Florence + The Machine. Do I need to explain more? I doubt it.

Released in April of this year, I only discovered the song in June and have not stopped listening. I simply can’t. It is my drug for the day when I take my short break from writing my scripts or stories.

I have to admit, I sometimes discover songs and bands a few years late. I am so glad that I only discovered Song Full of Song two months late. I can’t imagine a life lived without being bestowed with Florence’s emotions taking over one’s thought, feelings, and soul.

The song begins with Florence’s voice unaccompanied by instruments and her singing a capella demands our heart’s attention instantly. Her voice gently intertwines with each instrument introduced. Ebbs and flows of emotion take over as the bridge of the song leading to the little instruments and drops of drums pulls us from the rubble of emotions where the energy of the universe carries me onto a sky that offers sanctuary and an emotional healing or at least acknowledgement.

While the song in its entirety is eternal art, the bridge of the song is what gets me every single time.

Grab me by my ankles
I’ve been flying for too long
I couldn’t hide from the thunder
In the sky full of song
And I want you so badly
But you could be anyone
I couldn’t hide from the thunder
In the sky full of song


Perhaps because I am a writer and thus create as well I feel this part sums up not only me finding love but art and love finding me and consuming me till I am ready to let them go out of my system.

Do we both survive the process of this love affair of creating?

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