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Playlist of the Day – Songs about Falling in Love capturing my mood today (and that I choreograph dances to).

Today’s theme is Love. Loving someone, falling in love with someone and those moments you blush thinking of them. The following are the songs capturing my emotions today for of course there are so many other songs out there that move each of us on a particular day.

Today it is these songs.

This playlist includes pop, electronic, r’n’b and rock songs as well as songs that I consider transcend genre and expectations and simply become moments of sweet vulnerable truth.

They are songs I love dancing to and creating tender and dreamlike choreography. For the faster songs I like creating dances that leave me feeling happy just with the thought of falling in love while the slower ones make me celebrate that infinite melting energy of absolute and pure love.

Some of these songs even dance can’t translate the emotions and I simply stay still and let the music, voice, and lyrics wash over me.

Hope you enjoy some of them!


The list is (not in any particular order) :

Stars – The  Cranberries

Teardrop – Massive Attack

Heaven – Troye Sivan

Sit Next to Me – Foster the People

Nervous – Shawn Mendes

Love is a Polaroid – Imagine Dragons

Same Ol’ Mistake – Rihanna

Ex- Factor – Lauryn Hill

The Air Between My Fingers – Jack White

Sky Full of Song – Florence + The Machine

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing is gonna hurt you baby

Feels Like Vegas – Tinashe

Say it – Flume ft Tove Lo

Ecstasy – Tinashe

Redbone – Childish Gambino

Roses  – The Chainsmokers

I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li

It’s Good to be in Love – Frou Frou



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