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I got my mind set on you – Going back in time to my favorite song when I was 6 years old

George Harrison. My favorite Beatle. Perhaps he’s my favorite Beatle because of this song and from the mindset of a 6 year old I think that is okay.

I fell in love with song most probably due to the beat. I couldn’t stop singing and dancing to it everywhere I went – even if it was stuck in my head and no one could hear it but me. I made sure to sing and perform it out loud to anyone and everyone who would watch me perform.

One of the most beautiful memories I have with this song is that when it came on the radio and I’d be in the car with my mother, she would drive around a little bit more till it ended so as not to interrupt my jam in the car.

Yes, I had the coolest mother in the world.

So here’s to an upbeat song, a great singer-songwriter, a wonderful childhood filled with stories of me performing to everyone on the street, in cafes, open spaces and even airports. And especially to the coolest and most beautiful mother ever. I know you’re watching down on me. I love you


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