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5 electro songs from my teenage-hood that keep on getting sweeter, better and finer with time

I listen to everything. Well almost everything. If you have took notice of the different songs I have been posting, there is a diversity to what I listen to.  I have to admit I cannot listen to death metal, country music and opera (while I appreciate classical music, there is something about opera singing that makes me feel that suicide and evil are being summoned).

Today, I find myself going back to my late teens in the late 90’s and listening to 3 songs, which I have to admit, the more I listen to them the more I feel these dance songs still affect me just as the first time I listened to them if not even more. One of them cheesy but bare with me… I truly think they have stood the test of time, and just like wine, they become finer as they age.

First up has to be one of my all time favorite tracks across all music genres. It usually was always being played in techno clubs in Beirut, Fired Up by Funky Green Dogs (1996) takes me as a listener and dancer to another realm. I forget myself, my surroundings and always let the beat, an enchanting combination or percussions, keyboard and low vocals, carry me to another dimension.


Second is Addicted to Base by Puretone (1998). There is a slower version of the song but this might be the song I consider it ages like fine wine. Another classic staple during Beirut clubbing scenes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the second I realized a DJ was mixing this into any other beat, I went crazy!


Next up is Lazy by X-Press 2 ft David Byrne (2002). The House song predicts and foretells of a lazy generation. I remember my mother was grossed out from the video and while she is right that it is somewhat gross, I loved it then and even more now for rarely do you stumble across a house or electro song that is equally beautifully produced and is a social commentary on our ways living and behavior. One can argue that are many such songs but for me none stood out as much as this one does when taking into consideration both music production and lyrics. Also, having David Byrne singing it doesn’t hurt at all 😉


The fourth song I discovered quite late. Actually, I discovered the remix quite late. When Moloko released the song that made them famous, Sing it Back (1998), it was overplayed to the point I couldn’t listen to it anymore. I didn’t even like it that much either. It was too poppy for me (it’s dance pop).  Then one day I was creating my usual playlists (my favorite pastime activity after dancing and writing) and I wanted to discover new tracks. I somehow, with heavenly interfering, stumbled across a remis of the song. Slowed down, Roisin Murphy’s crispy and whispery voice haunting you, the track goes beyond its potential as a dance pop song.

*I have to mention this is not the remix I am discussing as I have not found that remix online. I happen to have downloaded it over 10 years ago and have it on my iPad…This is a good remix as well. The other one is sublime!

Last up must be the cheesiest of the 5, but doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. I am a firm believer in enjoying the songs that make you feel, make you move, make you connect with judging what genre they are. And this one deserves to be my number 5.  Between the soft vocals, chill composition and feel good vibes, I have to admit I still enjoy listening to this song.


I have to include notable mentions here though. They are:

No Good The Prodigy


Insomnia Fathless

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