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Song of the Day – Obsession by Animotion and an imagined new version

Obsession was released in 1884. I was three years old.

But I had never heard this song till around 2009 or 2010 when my older sister bought a 4 disc compilation of 80s music. I discovered this song sitting in the backseat of her car while she drove and my mother was in the passenger seat. I think my mother was happy my sister was playing something other than Hip Hop for a change – and a break (other than 80s music and a couple of rock songs here and there my sister strictly listens to Hip Hop).

I think I was half lying down in the backseat  my legs up extended to my side. And as is the usual with me when I hear certain beats, music compositions, and lyrics, I get goosebumps, shivers taking over my spine.

Obsession caused all kinds of goosebumps.

When Astrid Plane sang

Your face appears again
I see the beauty there
But I see danger
Stranger beware
A circumstance
In your naked dreams
Your affection is not what it seems

I melted. I still melt.

I think the synthpop of the music may discredit certain listeners of continuing to listen but one shouldn’t be too quick to judge (since most jokes are always aimed at 80s sytnhpop despite the historical development and impact that movement and genre had on history of music). In Obsession, the guitar riff at the  end with the synthesizers and percussion blend to create an intensity alluding to this obsession a lover may have towards another, whether it being a secret obsession or a full out known obsession.

I feel the lyrics of the song capture that animalistic instinct we have when we lay eyes on someone we just want to have and experience without being overtly explicit and overly sexual nor without being cheesy. The rawness and non-raunchiness of the lyrics  simply capture the essence of attraction, that first glance across the room that sets fire to your whole being.

Now I do have to admit, a lot of times I imagine and recreate in my mind a slower, even more stripped down rock version of the song with more drums and accompanied by the Jack White’s voice interchanging between husky and raspy vocals. I base this on Jack White/ The White Stripes masterpiece Instinct Blues (Album: Get Behind Me Satan 2005) and the orgasmic Ball and Biscuit (Album: Elephant 2003)

Just imagine that. Jack White bringing this hidden gem to newer generations. I think this is the magical art and beauty fo this song where its rawness would stand and integrate within any genre and time.


And here are The White Stripes songs:


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