Nada Serhan

My Wasteland – a short illustrated story

My Wasteland – an illustrated short story is a science fiction short about a woman who finds herself stuck at the boards of three countries she cannot enter.

While it touches on political themes of displacement and refugees, we follow the protagonist as she grapples with her existential state after she finds herself catapulted from Paris onto borders unknown.

The short story is accompanied with acrylic paintings.

Nada opened a door to exit the restaurant. Instead of finding the set of stairs to take her back, Nada found herself in a field at the back of the building.

She looked to her left and the walls were higher now. There were two walls inching closer to each other but their bricks had not yet met for that eternal union. There was about a meter for her to jump through but the walls were closing in in full speed as she tried to take control over her body and convince it to run and jump.

Open your eyes

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