Nada Serhan

Colonized Child – Fears of Staying, Fears of Leaving

Colonized Child is an multimedia art installation that fills the void of a space with memories and nightmares that have been turned into three forms of art; animation, audio, and visual projections. 

The project is a combination of an autobiographical poem intertwined with a vivid nightmare about displacement and loss of culture. Navigating different types of space, from countries, borders, private spaces such as houses and public spaces as restaurants and fields; the narrator of the project experiences and expresses the different sensations from her life. The nightmare is the basis of both the short animation film and the short story. The poem narrates different phases, experiences and emotions that the narrator has been through in her real life. By combining both the fiction of the dream (and on a subconscious level the real fears and sensations of the narrator) and the autobiographical stories in the poem, Colonized Child becomes a space animated with visuals in both film and light projection form,  and audio of verses from the poem. Offering an intimate experience with the audience, the setup of the art installation will also resemble the emptiness of spaces yet the eminent feeling of being stuck in these void spaces.  

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