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You Can Do it: Dancing in your room to beat confinement blues

Ever since I was a baby, all I did was dance.

My mother has several stories of me bopping to music in my crib.

At age three, I broke my nose falling off a table .I had climbed onto it without anyone seeing me; wearing my mother’s friend 6 inch heels, bellydancing to some Egyptian pop song, and bam! I lost my balance and went crashing down into the corner of two walls, breaking my nose in two places. (and no I couldn’t have it fixed till I was 19 years old – talk about trauma of walking around with a nose titled to your left cheek for all of your adolescence).

By the time I was 5 years old and in school, I would finish my classwork faster and would take permission from the teacher to go sing and dance in the corner.

By the time I was 6, I was the staple dancing and singing child in Limassol, Cyprus during my summer holidays. I entertained all passerby – tourists and locals. And I danced all over airports too.

Now, turning 39 next week, I still find myself dancing whenever and where ever – I should have become a dancer, right?

We need dance now more than ever. With our collective stress and global confinement, dancing should not be on the back burner. We need to allow ourselves a degree of goofiness and find light ways to not only entertain ourselves but also get rid of all the conflicted emotions building up inside.

I am not talking only about great dancing.

I am definitely not talking about it as a form of exercise either!

I am talking about twirling, goofy dancing, bad dancing, jumping up and down. Anything to let go, give your mind a break, your spirit a high and enjoy moments created by the minutes of energetic beats.

The following link is to a playlist I created a while back. This one is more hip hop, r’n’b and latin oriented – okay so it has a  lot of different styles of music.

ENJOY! and Dance you ass and heart off

Love from Paris.

disclaimer: *all videos are from youtube channels; mostly the official ones run by the artists.

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