Nada Serhan

Filmography & CV


An independent filmmaker, I write, shoot, edit and self produce my short films. I have completed my studies in Literature and fine art (B.A), and my MA in Literature and Film. I have worked as a guest relations assistant in an international festival, casting coordinator and production design assistant on a docu-series, as well as a production manager, casting and production design manager/assistant on several independent and student films.  I am also a writer and a photographer. 


Independent Filmmaker


My Mess –   in pre-production

Is an experimental documentary dealing with the rollercoaster of anxiety and depression. To be completed by April 2023

Writer/Director/Editor/Sound designer/Producer/Production designer

A Little Story – in festival run

An experimental short stop motion about homelessness and hope.


My Wasteland – in production/ funding phase 

Is a short Science Fiction 2D animation about PTSD of displacement

Writer/Director/Editor/Sound designer/Producer/Actress

Wanting – Completed festival run

A short thriller about a couple struggling to let go of each other. 

Production – Casting – Editing 

Sirens Media – Silver Spring USA  – March – August 2015      

Worked as a recreational production design assistant, casting coordinator on Nightmare Next Door (season 5) and an on-set production assistant on Evil Twins, both docu-series are for Investigation Discovery Channel. 

Stone Soup Films – Washington D.C – September – December 2014

Completed a three month internship in post-production and editing local social documentaries. 

Doha Tribeca Film Festival (now Ajyal) – October – November 2011

Worked as a guest relations assistant within the team of new directors and panelists.

British Council – Qatar – July 2010 – July 2011  

Project implementation coordinator for all cultural, artistic, and education projects as well as the Education UK adviser.

Writing: Stories and screenplays

My Wasteland – a short illustrated short story

Is a short story about PTSD of displacement. It accompanies the short animation 

Completed May 2022 – in publishing run

Down Memory Lane – Science Fiction feature

Set in the near future, it follows a refugee who gets the chance to view her memories before her merciful killing on her birthday. 

Completed July 2022

Daniel – feature drama

Four individuals struggle to deal with different types of loss and do not realize that their lives will intertwine leading to some healing. 

Completed 2018

Yellow – a short film realism

Selected in the Filmmakers International Screenwriters Awards 2018 – Los Angeles. 



A Little Story 2022

Stop Motion Film Festival 2022 – Winner Best Stop Motion

Mediterraneo Festival Corto XII 2022 – Semi Finalist

Chania International Film Festival 2022 – Selected 

Savona International Film Event 2022 – Selected

Wanting 2020

 Europa Film Festival 2021 – Best Thriller 

 Forum Festival 2021 – Special Mention

 Love Film Festival 2022 – Best Horror 

Forum Film festival 2022 – Best Psycho

Dramatica Film Festival 2022 – Best Love Film and Best Actress


Flight 2022 (from the photo-series A Suitcase Called Home)

Migration and The Shifting Borders Exhibition 2023 Rome –

Displacement #? 2022 (from the photo-series A Suitcase Called Home)

5th CIP Photography International Festival 2022 CHANIA

Lost 2020  (from the photo-series The Withdrawal)

Blank Wall Monochrome Festival March 2020 ATHENS exhibition-monochrome-2020/#jp-carousel- 11908

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