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Song of the Day – If I Could Go (another hidden gem)

My previous hidden gem song Damn I wish I was your lover by Sophie B. Hawkins. It was released in 1992.

Ten years later – 2002 – I stumbled across another hidden gem that became a kind of anthem in my life.  The song? I mellow and way too cute and catchy Latin Hip Hop R’n’B If I Could Go by Angie Martinez.

This song catapults me onto cloud 9 no matter how dark my days can get, how low my mood would go, the second I play this song, everything disappears. The darkness, the heavy clouds and whatever I am going through, everything freezes for a moment of 4:07 minutes and my soul eases into serenity.

I think her voice and talent is extremely underrated. Her energy is contagious, the calmness underlying her vocals becomes a kind of reassurance that all is alright with the world.

I have to admit lyrics-wise it is the chorus that is always stuck in my head and is the reason I play it on repeat (as I am doing now).

If I can go, contigo, I’ll pack my things, soon as you say
Baby vamos, we’ll fly away, like there is no, no tomorrow
If can go, contigo, I’ll tell my friends, nothing at all
I’ll get my things, soon as you say, baby vamos, we’ll fly away

The song as a whole from music production to vocals and lyrics make me happy. And sometimes that is what music is all about – making you happy. A song doesn’t have to recreate something new or achieve a level of misery or competition and controversy to achieve status of a classic. Sometimes, it is a simple beautiful feel good song!

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