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Playlist of the day – One to do my stretches and core exercises on :)

During April and May, my physical therapist (therapy for my knee), realized my scoliosis had increased since I was not allowed to do regular sports. He gave me a few adjusted moves to do at home till I finally get the green light to go back to swimming and basically walking.

Trying to get myself to concentrate on not start dancing every time a song comes on youtube or the radio, I decided to create a playlist that was fun to listen to but also kept me focused on the goal of actual doing the exercises, as opposed to ignoring them and then just dance (which I was not allowed to do either but did anyway 😉 ).

This is the playlist. It might come across as random but it got the job done. I also made sure to time it and the whole list is precise to how long it took me to complete the workout.

Enjoy 🙂

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